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Start reaching untapped markets and drive traffic to your site. At Foundry Insights, we will help you measure your business's engagement and increase your conversion rate.

In today's digital landscape, simply having a website isn't enough. You need people actively engaging with your content, and that's where organic engagement comes in. This refers to the genuine interactions users have with your website without any paid promotion, including things like:

  • Comments

  • Shares

  • Likes

  • Time spent on site

  • Page views

So, why is organic engagement so crucial?

1. Boosts SEO Ranking: Search engines like Google consider organic engagement when ranking websites. The more engaged your audience, the higher your website will rank in search results.

2. Builds Trust and Credibility: Seeing other users actively engaging with your website builds trust and credibility for your brand.

3. Increases Brand Awareness: Engaged users are more likely to share your content, expanding your reach and increasing brand awareness.

4. Leads to Conversions: Engagement translates to action. When users are engaged, they're more likely to take desired actions like making a purchase or signing up for your mailing list.

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